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Members Pages

  • You must be a SONET member with a Web page on members.sonetcom.com (this server) to get your page listed.  SONET Communications offers 10 MB of free personal Web/FTP space to each SONET member, which may be used for any purpose, including business, so long as its contents abide by the terms and conditions of SONET's Membership Agreement

    By default, we don't activate your Web space until you request it.  To sign up for your space, email
    admin@sonetcom.com with your first name, last name, and user name.  You will be sent an email message confirming your space activation, at which time you may begin uploading.

  • You will need an FTP program to transfer files to and from your Web space.  Many shareware/freeware FTP clients are available on SONET's FileDudes Mirror.  Some popular ones are:

For a start, you can use the built-in "publish" feature found in some HTML editors such as Microsoft FrontPage Express and CoffeeCup HTML Express.  However, most FTP programs integrated with HTML design software will only upload documents.  You'll need an FTP client to rename or remove any files from your Web site.

  • After you've installed your FTP program, you'll need to enter the following information to log into your Web space:

    * FTP Host Name:  members.sonetcom.com

    * FTP User Name:  The same user name you use for your SONET login/email

    * FTP Password:  The same password you use for your SONET login/email

        * Directory Path:  /
  • After uploading your files, your home page's Web address will be:


  • Your home page's file name must be index.htm or default.htm  

  • Microsoft FrontPage extensions are not available on this Web server.

  • While SONET Communications does not provide technical support for building Web pages, we have provided the following links as resources for new and experienced authors alike:


    Builder.com's Spotlight! Web building for beginners  Everything you need to know to create your first Web site, from HTML to graphics and design, hosted on one of CNET's megasites.

    HotWired's Webmonkey HTML Collection  Start here for all you need to know to begin building your homepage. It's quick and easy. HotWired's interactive tutorial lets you read about or do some hands-on exploration of all the basic HTML tags.

    Project Cool's Developer Zone  Packed with reference materials....so cool it's HOT!

    Help-Site.com's Writing HTML  A thorough collection of HTML documentation...not surprising considering this entire site is a virtual cornucopia of computing and Internet knowledge.

    Web Pages That Suck.com  Learn good design by looking at bad design!  What not to do when creating your first Web site.  Hilariously funny and entertaining, too.

    Web Developer's Virtual Library  The original encyclopedia of Web technology, The WDVL is a comprehensive, standards-oriented content site, for webmasters, web designers, and Internet developers.

    Inside Dynamic HTML  A resource site for the DHTML community.

    Dynamic HTML Zone  Macromedia's DHTML site.  Since Macromedia Dreamweaver is the current market leader in DHTML authoring tools, it's only natural that they would have a great DHTML developers' site.

    Macromedia Shockzone  Macromedia's showcase site for its Shockwave & Flash technology.    Shockwave is the Web standard for powerful multimedia playback. It lets you view interactive Web content like games, business presentations, entertainment, and advertisements from your Web browser


    HTML Editors

    CoffeeCup HTML Express is possibly the easiest web page creation utility on the Net. This extremely simple web page program walks you through each and every step of the creation of your web page. This program is great for beginners who want to get their first web page up and running fast, but complex enough for professionals who need a fast jump-start on a project.

    CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ is a full-featured HTML editor. It includes Expresso FTP for uploading and downloading (in the registered version only), an image gallery (with quick-linking images), highlighted tags, style sheet help, automatic image sizing, a line reader, and tips. This program also comes with backgrounds, animated GIFs, JavaScripts (10 unregistered, 40 registered), and VBScripts with ActiveX functionality (5 unregistered, 10 registered). You can work on and test multiple pages at once. A color wizard eliminates the need to hunt for RGB codes. Other features include: an internal browser for testing and surfing, an image previewing utility, online help, support for HTML server extensions, a form designer, WebTV tag support, and special character insertion. New in this version are the ability to right-click to open a file in the left pane, new list importation, an ActiveX control wizard, and a hidden comment wizard.

    Allaire HomeSite 4.0 is an intuitive editor for creating and editing HTML. This product offers accessible features and convenient and useful editing tools. You can use tabs to manage and view files, projects, text snippets, reference material, and server connections. New to this version is a design tab, that lets you visually start a project, excellent for laying out complicated tables. The best part of HomeSite has always been it's customization; the new version takes that even further. Almost everything about HomeSite 4.0 is customizable.

    Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 is an advanced HTML editor that's packed with features. It features a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface that also lets you view the source code. Key features include HTML inspector which lets you view the code as you create your site visually. It will clean up other code generated by other editors if you so desire and integrate nicely with HomeSite. It features advanced table editing, advanced color picker, pre-coded objects such as Flash movies, rollover effects as well as 3rd party objects from Macromedia, HP, Real Networks and Cold Fusion. It also handles CSS (cascading style sheets) and a deluxe site management tool to maintain your site.

    Web Graphics

    Paint Shop Pro 5 is the latest version of this popular easy-to-use painting and image manipulation program. New features include complete layers support for blend mode control, grouping, visibility, transparency locking and variable opacity. Realistic Picture Tube brushes allow users to easily add a variety of images to their work. CMYK color separations can now be processed to accurately reproduce your images on paper. A new multiple-level undo history lets you back up to any point in your image’s creation. Pressure-sensitive tablet support is also included.

    Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro lets Web developers and others add the impact of high-quality 3D pictures, titles, objects, buttons, and logos to Web pages, banner ads, videos, and presentations. Visual wizards walk users through five galleries of lighting, text entry, bevels, materials, and motions. Each gallery offers more than 100 customizable choices. Users can also automatically import existing logos, photos, and artwork as 2D objects, then animate them in 3D with a single click. Create cool effects like soft-edged shadows, object-to-object reflections, ray-traced refraction, bumpy surfaces, and animated textures and backgrounds. 3D IMPACT! Pro supports JPEG, PNG, and all varieties of GIF (including transparent GIFs with antialiasing). It makes minimizing download times a snap. This new version has an improved polygon-cutting tool and a more robust rendering method and bevel engine.

    CorelXARA 2.0 is an object-oriented illustration tool capable of producing high-quality images. Image creation tools include the capacity to preview bitmaps side by side at different settings, assign Web address and target frame information to objects, produce image maps and the corresponding HTML code, and choose the target page's background color or tile for optimal anti-aliasing. The program also supports Web-safe colors, animated GIF creation, and graduated fills and blends. What makes this program unique, however, is its use of vector graphics in creating object-based editable CorelXARA 2.0 Web files (WEB) for use with the CorelXARA 2.0 plug in for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Not only are these images clear and compact, but they are also scalable to 2,500 percent, leaving room for an incredible degree of detail. New with version 2.0 is support for Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filters, import/export of CMX and PNG files, configuration of the fractal Plasma fill to one of multiple textures, downloading of images from the Internet, and the ability to set browser preferences.

    Macromedia Fireworks 2 sports a complete suite of text, design, illustration, image editing, URL, JavaScript, and animation tools can create everything for your Web site, without the annoyance of jumping from application to application. The program is intended for Web designers who work primarily with images; it provides loads of necessary tools, including complete compression control, visual export preview, color palettes, and JavaScript rollovers. Fireworks provides an easy way to optimize and preview final output in every popular format. For example, you can examine GIFs and JPEGs side by side in the same window, comparing size and appearance, without ever leaving Fireworks.  Version 2.0 features new and improved JavaScript behaviors, graphic and text styles that can be shared, better JPEG compression, and an Export to Size command that automatically creates the highest quality graphics for a user-specified file size.


HTML Goodies, by Joe Burns  This book takes the same approach that has made the Goodies Web site so popular: fun, humor, and great Web examples.

HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, by Elizabeth Castro  Perfect for beginners, this best-selling book presumes no prior knowledge of HTML or even the Internet.

Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML 4 in a Week, by Laura Lemay  A revised and updated edition of one of the best introductory HTML tutorials on the market, this "Teach Yourself" book covers the new HTML "Cougar" specification, plus the Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 environments, as well as style sheets, Dynamic HTML, and XML. A support Web site contains all the source code for the book's examples.

The Non-Designer's Design Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice, by Robin Williams    This is a must-read for non-artsy builders trying to make their first sites look good.

Creative HTML Design, by Lynda Weinman  This is a hands-on, project-based book that will start you down the path of dynamic Web page design.

Designing Web Graphics.3, by Lynda Weinman  The esteemed Weinman tells you everything you need to know about preparing graphics for the Web.

Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design, by Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis  Learn good web design by looking at bad web design.  Web Pages That Suck is the much needed, humorous and informative book by the Web's leading critics, Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis. They teach Web designers what NOT to do, by showcasing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly already on the web. Web Pages That Suck is written by the creators of the hugely popular Web site of the same name.


Banner Exchanges & Webrings

LinkExchange  Now part of the Microsoft Network, LinkExchange is the largest and most popular banner exchange service.

CashPile  Everyone's heard about the explosive growth of revenue-sharing Web retailers like Amazon.com and CDnow, who pay you commissions for purchases made as a result of referrals from your site.  What you may not know is that hundreds of smaller, special niche companies are jumping on the revenue-sharing bandwagon.  CashPile lists and rates a wide range of revenue-sharing opportunities for you.

WebRing   Acquired by GeoCities in 1998, WebRing is the largest and first service of its kind on the Internet. In each of its tens of thousands of rings, member web sites have banded together to form their sites into linked circles, with each ring being separate and distinct.  This unique structure allows the creation and evolution of tens of thousands of different "web communities." Each ring was started and is maintained by an individual website owner.  Through navigation links found most often at the bottom of member pages, visitors can travel all or any of the sites in a ring. They can move through a ring in either direction, going to the next or previous site, or listing the next five sites in the ring. They can jump to a random site in the ring, or survey all the sites that make up the ring.

Counters & Trackers

Beseen's Hit Counter
  Easily add a hit counter to your Web page to track how many visitors you receive with simple cut-and-paste HTML code.  Beseen has many other nifty free tools for your Web page on their site as well, like guestbooks and threaded discussion boards.

Extreme Tracking  A well-known Dutch free stats service for your Web page.

FastCounter  LinkExchange's popular free counter service, it has the advantage of using a small, discreet image you can place in the bottom corner of your page. 

HitBOX  This is the only counter/tracker you'll ever need!  Simply the most thorough free stats available today on the Net.  If you need to present site statistics to advertisers and you can't afford or don't have access to a commercial log analyzer, this comes darn close.


  With over a thousand TrueType Fonts, this site is sure to have the typeface you need.  Also has a large collection of public domain image files.

Web FX Mall  Super multimedia site....still under construction but very nicely done with an extensive fonts library.

Acid Fonts  A large collection of Freeware and Shareware fonts for your enjoyment.


Freedback.com  Allows your site's visitors to submit information via Web-based forms without any knowledge of CGI scripting on your part!


A-1 Icon Archive  Over 300,000 free website graphics such as icons, backgrounds, balls, clip art, pictures, as well as html helpers, html editors, and more for you to download.

Animation Factory  Over 11,000 animated imaged for your site!  You'll probably never find a more comprehensive library of animated GIFs.

Bryan Livingston's CoolText.com  Free online text graphics generator...it really is cool!

GIFCruncher  Free GIF optimization service to make your page load faster!

Guestbooks, Chat & Discussion Forums

Beseen  Best known for free counters, Beseen has also chat, guestbooks and Web-based discussion boards.

Delphi Forums  One of the largest discussion communities on the Web.

Dreambook  The #2 free guestbook on the Web :)

GuestWorld  Now owned by Tripod-Lycos, GuestWorld is the most popular free guestbook on the Web.

ICQ Tools Catalog  ICQ power tools for webmasters and site developers.

Java & JavaScript

The Java Boutique  A Mecklermedia site where you can get all kinds of free Java Applets here for your Web page...just don't overdo it!  Too much Java will make your page load like molasses in January.

Applet FX Freeware  A free sampling of Applets by Demicron, a top-notch Java developer in Sweden.

7am News  This popular site features a cool free Java news ticker and a new free news wire service.  One neat use of the ticker is to tell viewers about local news on your site instead of or in addition to pulling a news feed from the Net--the Applet will also load faster if you do this..

WebTicker  Another popular Java news wire service.

EarthWeb's JARS.com and Gamelan  Two of the most popular Java resource sites on the Web.

The JavaScript Source  Mecklermedia's Cut & Paste JavaScript library.

JavaScripts.com  Another excellent EarthWeb site for JavaScript.

Music & Sound

Laura's MIDI Heaven  MIDI files are very popular on Web pages these days, especially personal Web pages.  Small in size and fun to listen to on a good sound card, use them with caution...our personal opinion is that unless a site is about music, they tend to be distracting.  Luckily, Laura has a large collection of popular songs in MIDI format here, so you shouldn't have to go much further to find what you're looking for.

Joerock & Explorer's Dance Midi House  This site of custom midi mixes is maintained by some of SONET's most artistically talented Web hosting customers.  Joerock & Explorer specialize in dance/R&B midis, so check out their songs on a 64- or 128-bit sound card and get ready for an Internet house party!

SoundAmerica  Very large WAV files site.

Web Promotion & URL Submission

1 2 3 Add It!  Submit your site to 6 popular search engines for free via a Web based form.  Fast & easy.

AddMe  Free submission to 34 popular search engines.

HyperHits Freeware  Even while you sleep, With HyperHits Freeware 1.1.1, you can submit your website(s) to 50+ directories for free and GET HITS! HyperHits Freeware is cutting-edge promotion software designed, developed, and distributed by WebMaster Tools. This is a simple no frills way to submit and promote your site.

SubmitWolf Pro  A professional quality web page promotion robot. It has a database of over 2000 search engines, and has 1200 fully automated submission scripts. Search Engine Ranking allows you to track your success. An extensive submission project history is also kept. This shareware version can only submit to 5 engines.

WebSpinner  Web submission software that automatically submits your URL to over 400 Search Engines & Biz.Directory. Unlimited submission and also performs ranking analysis.

eXTReMe Tracking

FastCounter by LinkExchange



Beseen's Hit Counter


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