"One Wild Moment"

Kiara is a 4 year old mustang mare. I adopted her in March from the Pauls Valley holding facility in Oklahoma.

Kiara has come a very long way in a very short time. The first day she was at her new home she cut her face. She was gentled enough by that second day for the vet to be able to stitch up the cuts on her face. Kiara's only real fear is ropes and we are spending lots of time desensitizing her to them. Everything else she seems to accept rather quickly after her first spook.

Here is Kiara day 2 she is already a snuggly, sweet mare, and letting me clean out her front feet. Even 2 months later this mare has never offered to kick or strike out. I swear she is straight from Heaven. With the exception of Cookie "My Wild Devotion", I have never had one as sweet & giving from the start. Thus her name "One Wild Moment" because that is all she ever has with something new is one wild moment.

This picture is after just 3 weeks. After her first spook she stood quietly to have the bareback put on & off several times. The only thing that slows down Kiara's progress is my lack of time, considering I am lucky to get 30 minutes a day with her we are making great progress!

Here we are working on those scary horse-eating ropes. Okay so they aren't so bad after all!


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Jessica and Kiara have made friends too.