Meet our newest addition at

Wild Wishing Star Farm


" Rabbit"



Rabbit was adopted at Pauls Valley holding facility on October 10th. My 4 year old son Jed had been begging for a burro which he calls "Jack rabbits" since he first began going to adoptions with us. On this particular day though, one jack came to Jed when he called and put his head through the fence so Jed could pet him. Needles to say it melted our hearts and we brought home the 2 year old jack that Jed had fallen for (and I think the burro fell for Jed too) Jed named him "Rabbit". Rabbit went straight to my vet Doug Kirkpatrick and was wormed, vaccinated and gelded before coming home.

I have become quite taken with Rabbit myself. Honestly if I had known burros were such neat creatures I would have adopted one years ago. Rabbit adores Jed as anyone can see. Rabbit also has a job at my house. We have a serious dog and coyote problem here and Rabbit's job is to protect the herd. It amazes me how the neighbor dogs simply seem to know not to go in my pasture anymore. Rabbit has only had to chase a few away.


Rabbit's protection doesn't stop with just his equine herd. Jed took his Grandma who was visiting from California in to meet Rabbit after we had him just 5 days. Being a Grandma she picked up Jed to play with him while they were in Rabbit's pen, Jed began screaming & laughing the next thing I knew Rabbit was after Grandma tossing his head, making the funniest sound I have ever heard & heading towards her with murder in his eyes. I screamed "Put Jed down" as soon as she did, Rabbit went over to "his little boy" and literally checked him from head to toe standing between Grandma & Jed. Rabbit & Grandma eventually made peace.