Dusty and Joyce
(This is the horse from Joyce's infamous "rescue" down in Alabama.)

Dusty was adopted in Oct 96 her HMA was Silver Peak NV 623. She was foaled in 1987. The people that adopted her were unable to gentle her for various reasons & Joyce acquired her on Nov 4 1998. While in transit, people contacted Joyce & said she was unredeemable & not worth trying. Joyce says, "Boy am I glad I didnt give up!!"

Dusty is a bit timid & very stubborn, but has the softest eyes & has NEVER made an attempt to be mean or aggressive. Dusty is now gentled & has stolen the hearts of Joyce's children. She does have her share of baggage and the poem below says it all about her. She will live out her days on the Wild Wishing Star farm being loved and well cared for by Joyce and her family.


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Dusty and Jess

Vital Statistics

Foaled: 1987 / Mare
Herd: Silver Peak HMA, NV
Present Owner: Joyce Turner
Present Location: Oklahoma