"Our Boys"

On April 6, 2000 I, Joyce Turner & Terri New drove approximately 4 hours one way to pick up 2 donated Missouri Fox Trotters. The man who donated them asked only 2 things, that they always remain together (which we thought was only sensible as they are full brothers & have never been apart) They are matching Palominos. Second that they be somewhere, where children can enjoy them. We had been told both boys were foundered & still a bit "ouchy" Upon arriving we found 2 sweet old geldings. When we asked what their names were, we were told they didn't have names. After placing halters on them & taking them out of their stalls we found the youngest of the boys barely able to walk. Terri named him Diablo "the survivor". The oldest of the brothers we named K-Zar. We butted Diablo so he could make the trip home as pain free as possible. Our Farrier was out the very next day to trim their feet. Our Farier, Eric Neal of Duncan has graciously agreed to do all our rescued horses for free. We applaud him for his caring donation & all the wonderful care he gives horses and ponies. Eric also does a wonderful job with my Mustangs. You can reach Eric at Farrier@simplynet.net The boys as we affectionately have nick-named them are doing wonderful. Terri has fallen in love with the boys & has adopted them both.

Board Memebers Teresa Wilson on K-Zar and Joyce Turner on Diablo