On June 4, 2000 MARE assisted in the rescue of a titled BLM stud named CrackerJack (now named Captian). Darla Williams had found an add that simply said "7 yr old titled BLM stud, gentle but ornery $350 you load bring a lunch & a pager number" Darla knew that this horse was ripe for the kill buyers & went to look at him. She found a sweet but timid sorrel stud & was told he had been adopted at a 6 month old and had NEVER been out of his original gentling pen. She borrowed the money from her mom & purchased him. Joyce Turner made a few phone calls & several people all agreed to meet and help get the boy loaded in Joyce's trailer and moved to Darla's. Here is a picture of all of us and letter Darla sent after Captian was safely at her house.


Captain is in his happy home with Darla as his owner. 



From left to right Darla & her son, Audra & her daughter, Joyce, Teresa, Terri & Cheryl


Here is a letter Darla wrote the next day.


To all,

A great big thank you to all the well wishes and help with the rescue of the
Mustang "Crackerjack".

Everyone has helped like circling the wagons in the old days to gather up and
help this boy.  We all met at about 11:30 at this couple's place to load him
from the only home he has known for 6 years....He is small in stature, but
they started calling him crackerjack because the grand-kids thought he looked
like fireworks popping and cracking when he gets going...so from Jack, he
became "Crackerjack"

Joyce and 2 of her friends came from Fletcher, Audra came from Norman, and
Denny and Teresa came from Ponca City.....all made it a family affair and
brought our kids with us....
You should have seen the caravan......We got him loaded, it took all of us
working as a great team and brought him to my house....got a halter on him,
before unloading him with a drag rope, and let him on out.......Everything
went great.....everyone was great.....Kudos to all......

Gelding will be scheduled for next week and shots and coggins drawn....has
had no vet care since adopted in 95, but they fed him well and groomed him
across the fence....They treated him like a pretty puppy....time for him to
find out he's a horse....
I am attaching a PIC of the crew today...


Here is Darla and Captian at home.