Wild Wishing Star Farm

The Wild Wishing Star Farm is the base of operations for MARE inc. Many of our rescues start their new lives here. Joyce and her family, including her 62 year old mother Sue, 9 year old daughter Jessica, and 3 year old son Jed, help to rehab the rescued horses. Here are some of their stories. Joyce also works as a trainer for people that adopt wild horses through the BLM.


This is Cookie, Joyce's first mustang. Adopted at Susanville on April 1st 1988.

Joyce trained Cookie at the age of 17. Cookie taught her daughter Jessica to ride. Here are some photo's from their first show.

At a local schooling show, the girls took several first places.

Cookie's show name is "My Wild Devotion".


This is Jessica on Sparrow & her friend on Cookie enjoying an afternoon ride.



This is Bear, a rescued Quarter Horse/Appaloosa cross. He was rescued by a friend in Texas. He came to Wild Wishing Star Farm for Sue after she lost her 23 year old son to heart failure. She was in a deep depression and her doctor felt that the best way for her to recover from her sons death was equine therapy. Bear was brought into her life, he needed love and nurturing as only a mother can give. The relationship that Sue and Bear have is that one in a million between a person and a horse. While Bear will tolerate others he clearly prefers Sue and will do anything she asks.



Kiara was adopted by Joyce this March at Pauls Valley, by the end of the trip home Joyce was able to touch her. Click here to see more of Kiara's progress.

Here is our latest addition at Wild Wishing Star Farm


Click on his picture to learn more about Rabbit and "his little boy Jed"



At the end of a long hard day, Jessica enjoys a nap on Cookie.


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