Mustang Arabian Rescue and Education

A not for profit equine rescue

Our mission:

Every horse, regardless of breed, age, or confirmation, has the right to live humanely and in a caring situation.

Education of horsemen is the key to guaranteeing that right for each and every horse. We will spread that education through our organization and others, in an effort to one day reaching the goal of making rescues obsolete.


Our Special Projects:


Updates on:

Fox Trotters Diablo and Ka-Zar


Cracker Jack aka Captain


Current events:

We are currently working on filing our 501C paperwork with the IRS in order to have national non profit status.

We have now placed all horses that MARE has rescued in the past two years.  All have gone to wonderful loving homes.  The board members are brain storming for fund raisers to raise more money for MARE to allow us to rescue more horses and place them in homes that will care for them. 

We are creating a wish list of items that MARE is in desperate need of so that the next horse that we save will have proper care.   

Feed Pans, buckets, brushes, hoof picks, halters, leads, wormer

And when we do have horses in:

Feed, hay, volunteers to help with transportation, vet supplies, first aid supplies.


Donations can be sent to

MARE inc.

P.O. Box 266

Fletcher, OK 73541

Please make checks out to

MARE Inc.  













Our board members are:

Joyce Turner, Dawn Rystrom, Deanna Aikin, Teresa Wilson, Karen Hicks

Sparrow is a 7 year old titled Mustang mare

that was rescued by a fellow member and given to Jessi,

a junior member, for her very own as a hunter/jumper prospect.

Sparrow had serious bonding issues and has responded well to Jessi.

They have a very special relationship.

Click on the above photo to learn more about Jessi and Sparrow.

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